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UN-Habitats is made up of a team of nature and biological scientists from diverse backgrounds but with a centered interest on the conservation of wild life and natural resources. Our primary goal is to provide information about nature and wildlife from different regions of the world.

Our Mission

At UN-Habitats we are committed to saving wildlife and wild places, on a global scale, through the understanding and application of science, conservation action, mass education, and importantly, by inspiring more enthusiasts for nature.

Our Vision

UN-Habitats envisions a world where wildlife thrives in healthy lands and seas, valued by societies that embrace and benefit from the diversity and integrity of life on earth.

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The Future

Everyone in the world has the right to enjoy outdoor recreational activities, to interact and marvel at wildlife and its ecosystems. For us to engage in these activities, nations of the world must address climate change, forge forward towards the use of cleaner energy sources, and make wildlife habitat and communities more resilient to such change.

Together we can be the change that our environment needs.

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While we are all concerned about wildlife we sure need to have so-called time for ourselves. What could be bring us a bigger joy than sitting back with a cold one and enjoying some sitcoms. But guess what, it’s not 80’s anymore to do this! We have something actually better – it’s an adult parody of sitcoms that aired in TV. Yes, the classic like Married with Children for example. You are about to step into the fantasy world of situations that had no option to be showed in TV at all 🙂


Bratty MILF - Nubiles Series

Bratty MILF series is all about cougars and predators but in totally different manner. This is fantasy series where frustrated, yet very spoiled moms are on the hunt for young guys. Because this is their current target. With so much of experience and years of duty they surely know how to please. And now they are going for their own pleasure using naive men they find in daily routine situations!


My Younger Lover

Age difference between partners? Forget about it as you discover this new series of Adult Time. Age gap difference is not an issue. Let us tell you more – it’s something that’s really appealing. Watch young and older partners discovering their way of fun together – My Younger Lover


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Our team at UN-Habitats is always here to answer your questions and to listen to your experiences with wildlife and nature.

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