How to Reach Out and Help Someone in Need

As a citizen of this world it is essential to play a part for the betterment of the world. When it comes to helping some victim, say of human rights abuse, then there are ways, be it of 5 minutes duration or of 5 years, to stand up to injustices. Every charitable act can make a positive impact on lives. The following is a list of the numerous things that can be carried out:

Joining a Group

“These groups can even reach out to communities and help spread knowledge on human rights.”

There are various social platforms, such as Facebook that allow people from all over the world to make and join groups that raise awareness. United Nations along with all its branches has pages that continuously provide information about all the issues they deal with, and the current situations of problems in countries with less stable societies. These groups can even reach out to communities and help spread knowledge on human rights.


There are various petitions that are released constantly by institutions such as Amnesty that speak up for human rights. It is the simplest method; it just requires a signature to make the difference. The greater the number of signatures, the more the petition will be noticed. The process should be legally followed and can be formed online as the reach is higher over the Internet.

Report Violations to the Government / International Organizations

There are agencies in the nation that provide immediate justice such as the Department of Justice who looks over the violators in the United States. The international agency with a worldwide outreach is USAID which provides development assistance as well as aid. It’s necessary to be aware of all the generic information such as the name of the suspect, physical description, etc. in order to place the complaint.

There are centres such as the Carter Human Rights Programme or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) such as Human Rights Watch that provide facilities to fight human rights violations.They fight as well as produce reports that can be used for verification for the case.

“Help fund the projects and liberate the institutions.”


Mostly every site that provides aid in terms of human rights has a “Donate Now” button which helps funding of projects and liberates those institutions from the corporate world and policies that governments might apply while providing funds.


Being a volunteer in an organization that provides aid for human rights violations help use time judiciously for a good cause. It also widens the opportunity to do external efforts such as write letters, organize protests, carry out campaigns etc. As a volunteer it becomes easier to speak out against injustice for not only are there resources but there is also a recognised name under which the work is carried out, and so there is legal protection as long as the procedures are followed.

Follow a campaign

There are many campaigns that fight against discrimination, abortion, women’s rights, gender equality, etc. which require participants to make them stronger. They also roam around hosting events in order to educate people about human rights.

These are just some of the ways to get involved.Others include attending events, writing to support human rights, becoming a member of human rights organizations, etc.